Saturday, November 04, 2006

Positive Stuff

I had the privilege to spend some time on a college campus this week. It was refreshing and encouraging. The wife and I were able to attend the chapel service, it was very good and uplifting. The most encouraging part was to see the way the students were worshipping. I was encouraged by the quality of the students that I met and observed. Don't get me wrong they are not all angels, some have great struggles, but overall I was encouraged by those I met and watched.

I especially loved seeing the students have fun, good, wholesome fun. I loved hearing a lot of laughter. It was a very postive day.

I write this with the full knowledge that there is more discouraging stuff coming about pastors and the church, such as the whole Ted Haggard situation. I needed to experience some positive stuff in light of those reports. Thought maybe you need some as well.

I for one am committed to praying for Pastor Haggard, his wife, his family, his church and for pastors and their families all around me. Praying for the Haggards that healing will come, for their church that peace and healing can prevail, for other pastors and families that they can remain strong, have a good support system, have friends that listen and hold them accountable and that they will make wise choices that help them to overcome temptations.

The thing I refuse to do is look down on Ted Haggard, or think that tough stuff can't happen to me or those I know. We must be vigilant and lean heavily on the Lord and each other. We must lift up those who minister among us. We must never be pious. We must look for ways to see those who have fallen to be restored in whatever way God desires.

Remember, there is a lot of good, positive stuff going on in the church. After all, "God is still God".


At 5:09 PM, Blogger kris said...

We can definately learn from Ted's struggles and be reminded of the importance of accountability especially for those in leadership. That is something that was lacking in his situation as he noted throughout the years areas where he was struggling.


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