Sunday, November 12, 2006

Response to the challenge ...

Recently my daughter-in-law issued a challenge to her relatives to answer a series of questions, her challenge was specifically to those who only post every couple of weeks. Since I post a few times a week I realize her challenge wasn't meant for me, but I feel compelled to respond because, well, because it was a challenge and I am a guy. Nuff said.

*4 jobs I've had:
1) dipping ice cream - my first hourly paying job
2) selling shoes - actually liked this one
3) public school teacher and coach - loved this one, still miss it at times
4) pastor - I was a youth pastor for a while

*4 Movies I would watch over and over
1) Tommy Boy - a classic (my wife does not agree)
2) The Sting
3) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
4) Christmas Story - Ralphie is a hoot (again, my wife does not agree)

*4 Places I've lived (the actual number is much higher than this)
1) Auburn, Indiana
2) Greensboro, North Carolina
3) Oskaloosa, Iowa (I just like saying that one)
4) Wakarusa, Indiana (I loved this town too, just like my daughter-in-law)

*4 TV shows I love to watch
1) NCIS (This is the one with Gibbs in it Nic)
2) According to Jim
3) Law and Order(s) - the orginal and Criminal Intent
4) Shark

*4 Places I have been on vacation
1) Rabun Gap, Georgia - it is gorgeous on the mountain
2) A little campground a hour north of Toronto, Canada
3) Hermitage, Missouri - Pomme de Terre lake in the Ozarks
4) Frankfort, Michigan - the absolute best

*4 Websites I visit daily
1) AOL News
2) My families blogs
4) A variety of others depending on the day

*4 of favorite foods
1) Steak - especially on the grill
2) Barbeque - especially KC style
3) Chicken marinated in Blue's Hog barbeque sauce off of my grill
4) Chocolate chip cookies

*4 places I would like to be right now
1) Right where I am
2) The cottage on the lake just outside of Frankfort, Michigan
3) Kenya - the best trip ever, it wasn't a vacation so it didn't make the other list
4) sleeping in

*4 places I would like to visit
1)Kenya - again, and again
2) Hawaii
3) Fenway Park in Boston
4) Alaska

There, I did it, and I now tag the rest of the family to respond. If you don't, you will look silly, not as if that is big deal in our family, but come on, the challenge has been issued.


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