Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day ...

This is an exciting day in our country. It is exciting to see who will get elected, to see if the power will shift from one party to the next, exciting to those running as they discover whether all the time and money pays off. It is exciting because you won't have to think up small talk for the next couple of weeks, you can just ask anyone, "So what did you think of the election results?". It is exciting for those working at the polling places, to see how many vote if the machines work properly. But the most exciting thing about Election Day is for the millions of us who will not have to endure endless political ads for a while! Now that makes this an exciting day. Starting this evening, no more of the ads slamming the other candidate while claiming the other person is lying. No more ads that claim to inform and say nothing that matters. No more phone calls claiming you are the most important person if you will vote for their candidate. No More!!!!

I hope that you voted, it is imporant. If your excuse was that you didn't know even to cast an informed vote, that is no ones fault but your own.

I was amazed that at 11am I had to stand in line and vote in our little town. I mean this is a mid-term election and the wife and I had wait in line at 11am. I loved having to wait, because it meant that people were taking it seriously and getting out, in the rain no less, to vote.

But I confess, I am glad that the ads are done. I am avoiding my TV until after the polls close so I don't see another one. Enjoy to the peace of no more political ads, now we can enjoy ads telling us how we can be thinner, richer, smarter, happier and all of this without leaving our couches. Now that is good news!


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