Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Musings ...

Once again the musings are coming in the afternoon. This time it is because I was visiting a family where a 22 year old has been given just a short time to live and then went to a funeral home to meet the family of a 40 year old who passed away during the night. Not a great way to began a day, especially a Monday. But in both cases the individuals have indicated that they have accepted Jesus as their Savior. So as you can see my thoughts are in a different place today.

But let me reflect on the past Sunday for a while. This was one of those days where a lot of little things went wrong, most of them related to our sound system. From slow sound switches, to buzzes, beeps and crackles all through the mroning worship service to problems with projection of the sermon notes, it all happened yesterday. The good news is that in spite of these problems there was a good spirit in the service. We had some visitors, including two special girls (you know who you are) who stayed with my wife and I this weekend. We had a good prayer time and our attendance was very good. I went to visit the aforementioned 40 year old in the afternoon knowing that time was short. In the evening I was privileged to be a part of a service of remembrance sponsored by the local Hospice organization. The purpose to give people a chance to remember loved ones who have died and to support others who are facing the same situation this Christmas. It was a special and meaningful time. (I am a big fan of the Hospice organization.) My wife did extra duty and ran the entire evening service while I was at the Hospice service. I am so fortunate to have a spouse who is so supportive and works so hard in the church.

This will be a very busy week, I just got another phone call asking me to come to funeral visitation for a relative of a family I have been working with who do not attend church anywhere regularly. But all of this busyness is true ministry, not just meetings, paperwork or things that so often occupy a pastor's time. I am looking forward to the week and to see what God will do with all of these opportunities.

Here's hoping you recognize Christ in your Christmas activities this week and encourage someone else along the way.


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