Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Hunt ...

Yesterday I participated in my first real hunting experience, a pheasant hunt with some men from my church. The only "hunts" I had participated in before that were shooting pigeons out of my grandpa's barn as a kid and hunting for the regularly lost items in my household (such as my wife's keys, my daughters keys, things like that). The hunt was an interesting experience, I enjoyed it and for those of you who are wondering I got two birds on my first two shots (I missed on my next 4 shots).

I think there are some life lessons to be learned from the hunt. For one, be prepared. As you start walking through the field you must be ready for a bird at most any time, you must watch the bird dogs for clues as well. Being prepared and watching for clues as to what is coming in life is pretty is good advice. (Another be prepared is to have on the right clothes so you don't freeze.) Another lesson is have the right equipment. You need to have a gun that works and it must be loaded with the proper ammunition. In life you to have the necessary things to make it through whatever you are facing. The best equipment is the Lord and His Word obviously. Another lesson is keep the safety on the gun until it is time to fire. This one is important for yourself and for anyone else who may be hunting with you. In life you need to be cautious and not go off unnecessarily, because it will hurt you and those who are around you. Another lesson is have someone around who knows how to clean whatever you get in the hunt. I have no idea if this one really applies in life, but it sure does when hunting (Thanks Barry). Another lesson that may have no parrallel in life is to have someone take a picture of what you get on the hunt so you have some proof. (If I can figure out how to get pictures in blog I will show you some proof of my hunt.)

I could go on, but I am guessing that most of you have stopped reading already, either because I have stretched the life lessons too far for you or you are upset that I shot and killed such beautiful innocent creatures. By the way, does anyone have a good recipe for Pheasant?


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