Saturday, December 02, 2006

Reassurance ...

Sometimes you just need some reassurance. It could be about anything. Your haircut, the style of jeans you are wearing, the love or affection of someone you love or care about, your job, that there is no salad stuck in your teeth or any number of things you could name. Let's just agree that we all need reassurance at times. For me it was how my Dad was doing. I talk with him on the phone often, we email periodically and I send the occasional (very occasional, because I have never been good at mailing things) card, but I just needed to see for myself, I needed that reassurance.

I got it, my daughter Kris and I flew out to see him and my stepmom this week. We left Tuesday afternoon and got back Thursday afternoon. He looked good, he sounded good and seemed good. We had a good time visiting with he and my stepmom. Had a great time of reminiscing with Dad. He was pulling up names and stories that I had forgotten, or in a couple of cases never knew. As my daughter said, "Grandpa was cracking himself up." at times when recounting stories. He and my stepmom were doing well. We went to a basketball game together, to a couple of restaurants and even met a group of other retired ministers that they meet with for lunch and Bible study. A bonus was that we got to see some other relatives of wife's as well and some old friends of ours (all of our friends seem to be getting older, go figure). All in all the reassurance that I was seeking.

The temperature was a high of 68 on Tuesday when we arrived. On Wednesday it was in the low 30's most of the day and dropped into the mid 20's that night with some sleet falling and ice forming. Then on Thursday the temperature kept dropping and they had several inches of snow that fell, fortunately for us the snow waited until about an hour after our flight left.

Reassurance is necessary at times, and it is wonderful to receive. Who do you know who could use some reassurance from you this week? Why not give it to them, even before they ask?


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