Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Musings ...

I liked the phrase that Perry Noble used on his blog, that God is "good and amazing". That is great motto to live by. To remember that God is "good and amazing" can help us through all of the situations that we face. Whether we are riding high or struggling to make it through the next breath, when we remember that God is "good and amazing" we have hope for the moment and the future.

Yesterday was a great reminder that God is "good and amazing". The atmosphere was dead as our Worship began in the morning service, but as we continued God intervened and the Holy Spirit showed up in a very noticeable way. Nothing appeared to be dynamic in the service, but God did a work and changed the spirit in the place. As a result God worked in people's hearts. Attendance was very low, we had many people who did not attend because of illness and typical December travel and family gatherings. We now have the Sunday morning messages recorded on our Church website. I know that it works because a staff member from a former pastorate emailed me to let me know that he had listened to last Sunday's message.

We had no evening service because of a community service. This one was of a community choir singing "Messiah", not the 3 hour version but rather just the Christmas portion which is only about 35 minutes. My wife and my associate's wife did some baking and we had a continental breakfast for everyone as a Christmas present from our families to the church. My associate and I helped, he cut up some fruit, I made coffee, did some of the shopping and helped make the little sausages. That sure gave people some substance as they headed to their Sunday School classes. (Maybe that led to the people so lethargic as Worship began.)

This morning I agained visited a young woman who is dying of cancer. She is not doing well. It is difficult to see a 20 something mother who doesn't look like she is going to make it. I love her faith and her courage, it is humbling and inspiring. I know that God is "good and amazing" but I am not sure that is how that family feels at the moment. But I am glad to be reminded today that God is both "good and amazing". Do you realze that about God?


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