Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday's Thoughts ...

Since this Monday was Christmas day I did not do a "Monday Musings", so I thought I would give you some "Thursday Thoughts". Sunday was Christmas Eve, and I didn't have any idea what to expect. It was a very good Sunday. We had several visitors, as in those who were in town for Christmas with family, so our attendance was good and more importantly the spirit was great in the service. That is not always true when you have so many out of town visitors in your service. The music was good and you could really sense the spirit building throughout the service, especially leading to an unplanned time of prayer with people around the altar during our last congregational song. I love those moments. Sometimes I think we plan the Holy Spirit right out of our services, but thankfully my wife was sensitive to the spirit's moving and encouraged people to come to the altar during the song and I was alert enough to realize we had a special moment and stepped in to pray. The wife sang a special song, "Bethlehem Morning", a favorite of mine and she sang it as a true ministry.

Sunday evening we had a time of communion by family. Anyone could come and take communion with their family by candlelight. I really enjoyed serving the families. One family had 4 generations come together. I love sharing with each group, it was not the same with each family, but the format allowed me to mold the presentation for each group.

I have been especially encouraged recently by the way our congregation is receiving and reaching out to those who are visiting in our services. Also, we have had the opportunity to help a few families that were having rough times this Christmas. I love seeing the church be the church.

Have a terrific Thursday!


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