Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Musings ...

Finally a little bit of winter. The temperature was in the mid-20's this morning and there was a little bit of snow flying. Finally, we have had such a mild winter so far, I haven't worn my winter coat for over a month. I still didn't full it out today, mainly because I didn't think of it, and it has warmed up to the high 20's or low 40's. Frankly I would like about a week of below freezing weather, then maybe all of the flu-like germs would freeze and die. We got killed for the second week in a row with many people missing because of illness. Of course it has always amazed me that in many families when one person is sick a whole family misses. I realize that in a few of our families the whole family is sick, but too often whole families miss when one is sick.

Our worship began rather coldly, not the physical temperature, but the spiritual temperature. But there was a true "warming" that took place throughout the service. People were really worshiping by the end of the time of singing, praise the Lord. My sermon was not a warm and fuzzy one, but more of one where toes got stepped on and feeling were bruised. My wife thinks I need to do that even more and stronger. For the next few weeks that will be the norm. We will begin a new series entitled "Shedding the Excess". We will cover all kinds of things using Hebrews 12:1-2 as the foundation. In this passage we are implores to get rid anything that hinders our relationship with Christ and to get rid of sin in our lives, to keep our focus on Jesus. So imagine things, big and small, that could slow, hinder, distract, or derail your walk with the Lord and those things will likely be tackled. I have had no problem coming up with areas of living to address, the problem is which to feature in a 4-6 week series, because there are enough things to fill the rest of the year, but that seemed a little long for a series.

We are really praying for, and anticipating, great things in our church and community this year. God is really up to something in our area and we want to ride the wave of His making, not paddle desperately after splashes of our own making. Riding the wave always carries more risk, but also has brings the greatest thrills and rewards.

Here's hoping you go for it for God and enjoy the most thrilling ride of your life.


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