Monday, January 01, 2007

Great Day & Monday Musings ...

Happy Year's! Hope you had an enjoyable celebration as you welcomed in the new year. We had a good time with several people, most from our church. Mark and I were undefeated in doubles ping pong, although we only played about 4 times, but hey undefeated is undefeated. There was much conversation, a lot of very good food, much laughter and a lot of noise at midnight. 2007, that seems so strange, I just got used to writing 2006 a few months ago.

I declared that yesterday would be a great day as it began, so I am calling it a great day. I must admit however, that the way things went much of Sunday morning made it difficult to find good things, let alone great things. But because I was looking for good things I found several. A family that hadn't attended for some time came to worship. The wife and I had written to them and visited them recently, so it was really encouraging to see them in worship. There was a very special time of prayer around the altar in the middle of worship. A couple of young adults who are in the midst of an 11 month ministry mission were home and able to share in the service. Several people stepped up to fill in for people who were ill or just didn't minister in their expected positions. It really was a great day. How was your?

A new year has begun, so you and I have the opportunity to choose to have many great days in 2007. Enjoy the New Year!


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