Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just a thought ...

I love basketball and basketball season. That has been true most of my life. It is true that I like most all sports seasons, with synchronized swimming being an obvious exception, but basketball is king. I went to 3 high school games this week and got reports from a couple of elementary school games and watched several college games as well. (Go Hoosiers!) Don't worry I still studied, met with people, spent time with my wife (she was at two of those games with me) and other stuff I was supposed to do, but the week a definite basketball flavor.

One of the high school games was fantastic. The winning team came from 15 points down to win on the road with a tip in basket as time expired! Wow that was fun, especially since the team I was rooting for won. The next game was a blow out and was basically decided half way into the second quarter. The third game was a big rivalry and was a good game with both schools ranked very high in the state. The home team won by 14, but the other team will not be easy to beat by many teams left on their schedule. 2 of the 3 games were played in crowded warm gyms with lots of noise, the way high school games should be played. They weren't Indiana games (I grew up in Indiana where basketball, especially high school basketball, was king), but they were sure fun.

Here's hoping that church is lot like those two good games. Crowded, with lots of noise as we sing, much emotion as the Holy Spirit works and with victory as we are obedient to the Lord's call today. Here's hoping your worship experience will be that way as well.


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