Thursday, January 18, 2007

Humbled and Convicted Again ...

Once again I have been humbled and convicted by God through a person who is new in their journey with Christ who used my own words. I spoke a few minutes ago to a person who has begun attending our church in recent months. They are excited about our church, about God and life in general because of God and what the church has meant to them. In giving me an update about someone we have been praying for, the person was speaking of what God was doing and the impact on others who are connected to the person for whom we are praying. Then this person shared how those who are struggling in that family need to "shed the excess in their life and let it go". Sound familiar? It did to me, that is from Sunday's sermon on the my new series "Shedding the Excess". Then the person went to say that they found themself getting worked up about something yesterday and then reminded themself to "shed the excess and let it go".

Now I am thrilled and humbled to realize how much they had paid attention to Sunday's sermon. I am convicted to think that they are not only listening, but applying the biblical principles from the sermon. The reason I am convicted is that this person is already applying this principle in their life and recognizing the need in others. The conviction came from the unsettling question in my mind as the person was telling me these things, am I applying it that consistently in my life?

As a pastor I have to fight the urge to be the "proclaimer" of the Word without as much concern about be a "practicer" of the Word. I have been called to be a "proclaimer" but my proclamations are of little impact if I am not also being a "practicer".

Here's to being a true "practicer" of the Word first and foremost. How is your practice coming?


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Rob said...

You are on fire this week!! (Standing O!) I know, just as a SS teacher, the danger of not living what I'm talking about...not only are you just fooling yourself, but God's word could fall on deaf ears if the ones you're trying to teach think you're a hypocrite. Thanks again for squashing my piggies....I'm gonna go buy some steel-toe boots!!


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