Monday, January 29, 2007

Mondays Musings ...

I was at the hospital this morning and into the early afternoon, so these musings are coming a little later in the day than they normally do on Monday. The anticipation for the services yesterday was at a very high level and the results matched the anticipation. There was a powerful spirit in the morning worship (even with half or our worship band missing), the attendance was good (even with the most snow we have had all winter falling), people were really listening to the message and received it well (especially considering it was on Pornography and Fantasy), there were several who responded to the message that morning and I have heard from some this then as well. In the evening we had a super young couple who are serving on the Lord in Central America, attendance was good, the couple was outstanding and people received and responded to the message. God really is doing something special in our midst. Yeah God!

How was your Sunday? Did you go into it with anticipation? You often receive much of what you anticipate and what you put into it as well.

Hospital times are always interesting times of observation. To observe how people handle heading into surgery and how families interact while awaiting word of their loved one. Today was fun, watching one who was relaxed heading into surgery and really trusting God. Watching a family interact well with each other and seeing the obvious love for each other. These factors truly make my "job" easier at the hospital. By the way, everything went well in the surgery also.

Here's hoping you have a great week, with a growing sense of excitement and anticipation as you look forward to this next Sunday at your church. Also, Go Colts!


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