Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

My first thoughts this morning are on the fact that I shoveled snow off my driveway and sidewalk before coming to the church. I might not have shoveled the entire driveway if not for the fact that the wife and I are hosting our Church Board and spouses for dinner this evening. A thank you for that they do throughout the year. I can't really complain, it was the first time my shovel left the garage this winter and their was only an inch, or just over an inch, of snow. But at least it looks a little more like winter should in January.

Yesterday was a good day, not great, but good. The spirit was okay, we had a wonderful special solo, good attendance, some new people, and some response to the message. Maybe the day was better than my first impression. It was a difficult message in which to gauge how it was received, since it was on bitterness and unforgiveness. Not one in which you expect to receive a lot of 'amens' or 'atta boy(s)'. But there were some who acknowleged they have had some unforgiveness toward someone and that they were surrendering it to the Lord and letting it go. I think that is a pretty big deal. I sensed that there were a lot more who need to do the same thing. So I am praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to prod them and that they will respond by releasing the other person and the hurt and then begin the forgiveness and healing process.

It is exciting to see some of our people really wrestling with this process of shedding the excess in their lives. Also to see new people begin attending, most of whom have not been attending church. To see the excitement on the faces of the new people and to hear how open they are in telling whoever will listen how much they are enjoying church and what they are learning from the Lord.

Another of the dominant thoughts for me this morning is that both the Colts and Bears are going to the Super Bowl! How cool is that? The Bears were my team from childhood and then the Colts since they moved to Indy. This is one I really want to watch, not just have it on while I do other things, I want to watch this one. Clue to the wife, let's make sure wherever we go for a Super Bowl party, it needs to be a place where I really will be allowed to watch the game, or if we host one we need to invite people who will let me watch it.

Here's to hoping you are enjoying winter and that God speaks clearly to you this week.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger Kin said...

I think you should take that Monday off work, drive down here Sun. morning after church & go to our Superbowl Party. Our church is having one & they're setting up the big screens in high-def to watch it on & there will be a taco bar...yumm! I have extra tickets :)

At 11:19 AM, Blogger kris said...

YEAH COLTS! There were other, spiritual things I could have responded to from your post, but I only have this to say-YEAH COLTS! What a beautiful game, I think that a part of my couch is a little broken after jumping on it with my girls. We are a divided campus here in the midwest, but I am not nervous-YEAH COLTS!


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