Saturday, January 27, 2007

Anticipation ...

Anticipation is a powerful thing. When we anticipate something we are looking forward with emotion, at least that is one of my definitions. We sense this as we wait for the tip-off at a basketball game, the fans of the Colts and Bears are experiencing it this week as they await the kick-off of the Super Bowl, we feel it as we sit in the waiting room at the doctor or dentist's office, we have it as we await the police officer to approach our window when we were pulled over (I have heard of this one from my daughters) and many other scenarios you imagine. But what of our anticipation as we approach a Sunday?

Do you have any anticipation as you think of tomorrow and church? It seems to me that we should have a growing excitement and anticipation with each passing day of a week. Because with each day we are one day closer to worshipping together on Sunday. Yes we need to be worshipping privately throughout the week, in fact I believe this is a real key to looking forward to Sunday. Also, I realize that in many churches, ours included, there are great things that happen on days other than Sunday and they should be excitedly anticipated as well. But don't get distracted from the point, how are you thinking of your potential worship experience tomorrow? Are you excited? Are you filled with dread? Worse, are you not even thinking of it? Bored with it? What is your warm up for Sundays like?

I generally have a growing sence of excited anticipation for Sundays. But then Sundays are a big day for pastors. On the normal Sunday I teach a Sunday School class, preach a morning worship sermon and preach/teach again on Sunday evening, not to mention studying, visiting and some meetings. I am not writing this for sympathy, but just to acknowledge that I realize my Sunday experiences are different from most people's. With all of that being said, my "anticipation quotient" is extremely high for tomorrow. I have been thinking of this message for 2-3 months. Anytime I have that much invested I am usually very anxious for the Sunday, for the service, for the message and for the response. This is a powerful issue I am tackling tomorrow, it is controversial and difficult, but it is so relevant and needs to be addressed. I do not feel ready for the message, but at the same time I can't wait to preach it. I covet prayers for continued preparation, for the service, for the presentation of the message and for the reception of the message.

Well I am really anticipating tomorrow, how about you? What is your "anticipation quotient" as you head into another Sunday? Here's to hoping you will be excited as think of tomorrow, that you will be excited as you go to church tomorrow and that you will anticipate with great passion what the Lord will do in your service wherever you attend. I know I am.


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