Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Morning Musings...

It is a frigid Monday morning, our local school district has cancelled school for the day, the temp is around -2 and wind chill -20. Actually a little warmer than Sunday morning. Yesterday was an encouraging day. With the very cold temperatures we had decent attendance and most of our newer people were present. A person who just had a knee replacement on Monday was in Worship. The spirit during the musical part of worship was very good. A special song by an ensemble was very good. The sermon was fair, people were very attentive during the sermon and there was a lot of good conversation after the service.

Last night we had a Super Bowl gathering at our home and invited our young adults and seniors in High School. We had about 12 or 13 show up. Amazingly everyone stayed until the game was over and everyone was sitting and watching the last quarter and a half. Oh yeah, the best part was the Colts won!!!! We had some very good conversation during the evening and learned some unknown things about people. All in all it was a tremendous day.

Here's hoping you are able to stay warm today and that you remember you are loved.


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