Wednesday, February 07, 2007

False Alarm

Monday and Tuesday we had a family drama that could best be labeled a False Alarm. I was at a meeting a little over an hour from home, when I headed home I saw that I had a voice mail from my wife on the cell phone. I called her and she said that our youngest daughter Ki had called and was having some "leakage", she is 8 months pregnant to put it in perspective. I got home and the wife said that Ki was going to her doctor. I went into the office and awaited an appointment as I took care of some paperwork. Just before my appointment arrived the wife called and said that our daughter had just been admitted to the hospital because the doctor said her water had broken and was now on track to deliver the baby within hours. The wife also said that she was packing and taking of things to head to the hospital. We live 3 hours or so away and to add to the drama our daughter's due was March 3. I had my appointment, then as I was finishing my wife came in and said she was packed and on her way, she just wanted to know if I wanted to go as well.

I did a quick assessment and said I was going too. We went home and 6 or 7 minutes later we were on the road. We arrived at the hopital around 8pm. Our daughter was doing great. They had started her on some medicine to induce contractions and all the monitors were hooked up. We could hear and see a graph of our soon to be grandson's heartbeat. That was way cool. Our daughter Kr was there, our son T was there and our son-in-law was enroute from a run to their home to get all the things Ki would need. About 12:30 am we left the hospital and checked into a motel to sleep for about 5 hours, headed back to the hospital to hear that things were not progressing. Their was talk of them doing a C-section if things weren't progressing by 11am. Another doctor came in about 8:30am and said he didn't think her water had broken, was going to do a test. An hour later he returned and said her water had not broken and they turned off the medicine, unhooked Ki and told her she could go home.

Everyone was okay, just tired, and in the case of Ki also sore. So we are all back on the assumption that March 3 is the likely time, but are well aware that it could be anytime. We are hoping that Ki and hubby get caught up on rest from this ordeal and that they take this time to finish up things they need to do before the baby arrives, such as settle on a name. I am still hoping that my son-in-law wins with ESPN, our other grandkids have made their votes known, but I think Seth and I will lose this battle. Oh well, all I really care about at this point is a safe delivery and a healthy baby and mother and father.

I am sure that my daughter's account of this experience will be much more detailed and entertaining when she writes about the ordeal.

Of course the question that I have from all of this that has yet to be answered is, "So what was that stuff that leaked out anyway?"


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Kin said...

Oh darling father of mine...I'm glad to see that you decided to write about the ordeal & I must say, your record of the whole event is much more pleasant than mine! Rest assured that I will be writing about it...I just need time to find polite & appropriate words to substitute for those that I would LIKE to use :)


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