Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Few Random Thoughts ...

It is late afternoon on Saturday and just got back from29 hour trip out of town. The wife and I left yesterday and stopped in to see the grandkids (still just 4) for a few minutes (we also saw our son and daughter-in-law, but you understand the emphasis right?) on our way to our daughter Kin's. She is the one who is expecting she and our son-in-law's first child in 2 weeks. The wife, our daughter Kris and daughter in law Nic were putting on a baby shower this afternoon. We spent the night at Kin's and then I drove home when they began to get things together for the shower. The wife will return home tomorrow afternoon or evening, depending on the weather. They were have a bit of a snow storm at our daughter's when I left. I haven't heard a report yet on the shower, though I suppose it is still going on at the moment. It was not something I was invited to, nor did I really want to go to be honest, but I sent a gift for our 5th grandchild. I got him, that's right they know and it will be a boy, a pair of tennis shoes. Hey, we have to have this kid understand reality right away.

I am so glad that my wife is getting a Sunday away from all her responsibilities,I always miss her whenever she is gone, but especially on Sundays. I always know I can look over at her when I am preaching and be encouraged, trust me that is important, and really, really important on certain Sundays. Those Sundays when either I am struggling with the message or the ones where there is resistance from the congregation as I preach.

The weight loss has been a struggle recently. I was down 9 pounds beginning this week, but was up a pound for the week a couple of days ago. The most encouraging thing is that I am down one notch on my belt and really am eating less and trying to make better choices. I am concerned about next week because I fly out to Kansas City on Monday morning and return Thursday evening. I will be a conference while I am there, and it is so much harder to eat better while on the road. What I am really doing is setting up my excuse for not losing anything next week.

We have certainly had some real winter in the last several days. Between cold and snow, we are paying for having such a mild December and January. Hopefully this will stop once we hit March. I don't know about you but I am ready for some golf, or at least weather that allows me to play golf. Fishing, not the ice kind, would be nice to do soon as well.

Oh well, I better get mind back on things for tomorrow. Here's hoping you have a great Sunday and that we all see God move in mighty ways. He will if we are prepared and allow Him to work.


At 5:02 PM, Blogger Genevieve said...

God bless you, Pastor. I hope you have a very good Sunday.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Kin said...

The tennis shoes are very cute! The first pair we have for him :)


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