Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Musings ...

God is good! In case you didn't realize it, I thought I would remind you of that fact today. I was reminded of that fact yesterday. As I reflected on the events of Sunday I thought, it is true God is good, and as my Dad always says "God is still God". He is alive, He is still working in the hearts of people and He is working in our church and community. There is much for which to praise the Lord today. We had a good Spirit in both the morning and evening services. There were several people who made commitments to open the door of their hearts and allow God to work in their lives. They were responding to the message about shedding "Hard hearts and Apathetic attitudes". We had a decent attendance. We had new people again this week and a family that was back for the third time. People are really reaching out to invite people to church and they are responding well in welcoming newcomers when they attend.

Sunday evening we had a piano duet by a third grader and a fifth grader, (they are sisters) and they have only been taking piano lessons for a month. How is that for courage? They did well, and added some good sisterly giggles as a part of the song. Then we had a trio of children (all from the same family) who sang and did very well. I continued teaching series on what we believe and people were very responsive. Our evening attendance was strong and people hung around and talked with each other for a long time. That after service time of talking is very positive. It is not a good sign for a church when people hustle out quickly without much conversation with each other.

God really is up to something special. My wife got a phone call today from someone wanted to talk about spiritual matters and I had someone stop by to talk who had a great suggestion for something encouraging we could do. Yes, God is good. I know that he is good all the time but sometimes it is great to experience a reminder of that fact.

Here's hoping you realize and are reminded this week that God is good.

19 days until the due date for grandchild number 5.


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