Friday, March 09, 2007

The Cycle of Life ...

The cycle of life is an amazing thing. People talk all the time about it and they talk of something beginning as something else ends. I have heard many people talk about this in regard to the births and deaths of people they know as well. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

My 5th grandchild was born yesterday. That's right my youngest daughter and son-in-law had their wait come to a glorious end yesterday. At 12:16 pm he arrived full voiced and in he looks great! He weighed in at 9 pounds, that is not a typo he is a big boy. My daughter did wonderful and my son-in-law held up well also. Brandt is already a very handsome boy. The name was not agreed upon until after he arrived. I don't know if they decided he looked like a Brandt or if my son-in-law just figured that my daughter had gone through so much she deserved to choose the name she perferred.

That makes 5 grandkids, 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, and they are all beautiful and very percious. All of Brandt's cousins got to see him yesterday and were quite amazed as I understand it. For my son and daughter-in-law they now are uncle and aunt for the first time. For my oldest daughter she is now an aunt for the 5th time, she may have to give some pointers to her brother and sister-in-law on what it means to have a nephew. Needless to say my wife and I very proud grandparents, just ask us.

The cycle of life involved receiving a phone call from my dad while waiting for Brandt to make his appearance, my dad informed me that my uncle had died earlier that morning. My uncle was in his 80's and has had some big physical problems in the past, but had been doing pretty well, the heart problems evidently caught with him and he peacefully passed away while watching basketball on TV. That is a very appropriate way for him to go, you see he was a great high school referee for many, many years and then was a referee evaluator for a few years. He did a couple of Indiana State basketball championships in the days when they only had one championship, before they were divided into classes. He was a farmer by trade and a great guy. He was a real jokester and loved to laugh and get people to laugh. I will post more about him at a later time.

The news of my uncle really hit me hard. My eyes are welling up as I type this post. He and my aunt are great people and so well loved in their community. This leaves my dad as the only one left of his family. My dad and my uncle got along so well, and continued to play practical jokes on each for many years after both of them were married. (I wonder where that bed pan is?)

So as I am rejoicing at the safe and healthy birth of my grandson, I am grieving and celebrating the loss of my uncle. The celebrating comes from the knowledge that my uncle was a christian and is being welcomed home by the Lord. That means I get to see him again someday. What a glorious realization.

So the cycle continues, where are you in the cycle? Particularly, where are you in relationship with the Lord? Here's hoping that you take some time today to think about life, where you are, where are those you love and who else's life could you encourage today.

To my grandson, welcome I love you, to my uncle I will see you again!


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