Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lasting Impact ...

Upon reading the title you probably have something different in mind for this post than what you are about to read. The title is referring to the impact of a loving and lasting marriage. I am blessed in many ways. I am blessed to have been married over 31 years and be even more in love with my wife today than the day we married. I cannot imagine life without her. I am blessed to have had so many great examples of loving lasting marriages in life. My parents had been married for 41 years when my mom died. They had an awesome marriage, they were a great example. Both of my grandparents were married more than 50 years. They loved each other, they loved all of us and we knew it. My uncle who just died a couple of weeks ago had been married to my aunt for 63 years when he died. They were a great example of loving and lasting. My other uncle and aunt had been married a long time when she died (I can't remember the exact number of years right at the moment). They had a great relationship and shared with so many people. My uncle and aunt on the other side of the family had been married over 50 years when she died. Theirs had not always been the best of marriages but they lasted and in their last years had some of their best years.

I am celebrating these loving and lasting marriages today. They have deeply impacted and influenced my life and my marriage. Remembering my parents holding hands still brings a smile to my face. After I was out on my own and married there were many times we went home to visit and found love notes or cards around the house that mom and dad has exchanged.

That is what I want for myself and for all of those who are married. If it is good now, keep working at it make it even better. If it is not good, pray and work to restore the joy of your marriage. If you are not married, don't settle for the something less than loving and lasting and don't let the hollywood's idea of love mess you up.

Here's to loving and lasting marriages. Here's to my beautiful wife, may we celebrate another 31 years together.

What kind of an impact are you making because of your relationships?


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