Sunday, March 25, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon...

Family is such a great thing. We were able to be with all of our grandkids, our son, one of our daughters and both our daughter and son-in-laws. We were just missing our oldest daughter. (We missed you K1.) In addition we were with another family who feels like family. He was on staff with me at another church and my wife calls him "our other son". We always have a great time when we get together with our family. This time was no exception. I am very grateful that we get along so well and enjoy being together.

No matter how hard I try not to, when worship attendance is down, I feel down. I always bounce back and see the bigger picture and realize it is not the only thing. But I confess that on Sunday afternoons, it gets to me.

I love fantasy baseball, at least I love my fantasy baseball league. It is a great group of guys, some of whom I know outside of fantasy baseball and some only because we are in the league together. I always look forward to the draft when we all get together, catch up and then try to outsmart each other. I made the trip from Kansas City to Indiana for the 4 drafts while I lived out there. It is that important to me, the relationships more than the game, but I enjoy the competition very much. Since we just had our draft Friday night, we are all in the evaluation mode. Trying to determine how good, or bad, our team is and what our chances are to win and who we can make trades with soon. The trash talking has already begun (that is music to my ears) and is one of the reasons I love this league. We are able to rip on each other, without anyone getting bent out of shape. We don't take it as life or death and realize it is all fun.

I don't think I like my fantasty team at the moment. I need time to look at it a little harder. But what in the world was I thinking with my first basemen? To Sparky (he knows who he is) maybe I do want Swisher, and boy do I have a first baseman or catcher for you!

I am loving the warmer weather we are enjoying. It really makes me ready to go fishing and golfing. Not at the same time, although I have been known to have the need to do a little fishing for my golf balls on water holes. (Stop laughing)

Easter is coming in two weeks and I love preaching on Easter. If you can't get fired up for Easter then you don't understand what really happened.

Here's hoping you have some place to air out your random thoughts.


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