Saturday, March 31, 2007

Many Thanks ...

I need to express my thanks to many of you who prayed for me yesterday as spoke at Bethel College. (I guess there are a few more than 4 who read this blog, I may need to rethink some things I post in light of that revelation.) Some of you contacted me to let me know you were praying, thank you so much.

The news from yesterday is I did it. I made it though without falling down, without falling off the stage, without any major incident (this is always a concern of my wife's, I did she her hide her face a couple of times, but we are both used to that). It appeared that the students were paying attention, there was a reaction at appropriate times and silence at appropriate times (that means some of them laughed when I hoped they would and responded to some comments and questions at other times), I didn't see any students get up and leave before I was done and they even applauded when I finished. Of course applause is not the goal and applause at the end raises questions. Are they applauding because they enjoyed it or appreciated it, or are they applauding because they are glad it's done?

There were some students who approached me later in the day as they saw me around campus and they said good things. That was encouraging because they certainly didn't need to stop and say anything. I am sure my daughter, who is a resident director at the school, will hear more in the next day or two. Now the real test is what she tells me.

It was fun to see some students whom I had pastored in years past. It made me feel old, because most of them were in elementary school or junior high when I was their pastor.

Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts.

Here's hoping you have a great Sunday. Here's hoping you realize you have people who love you and pray for you. Here's hoping you invite someone to join in church.


At 11:52 PM, Blogger kris said...

Dad-I have nothing but good things! A comment from a guy who doesn't know me and didn't know I was listening was " was the best chapel all semester." I think it ended up being a good tie into the Deeper Life Series this week. I would personally love for you to speak at every chapel, but no more introductions from me!


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