Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am nervous ...

It is true and I am really nervous. No not for the birth of my 5th grandchild, that already happened and the handsome guy has already won everyone's heart, see earlier posts. No for my Fantasy Baseball draft, that already happened and I blew that one. No not because my first competition of Fantasy Baseball is next week and I didn't do a great job at the draft, considering my first week's opponent I am not worried (Can't you feel the love in that last statement?). I am nervous because I am speaking/preaching this week.

I know I preach/teach/speak multiple times each week, but you need to understand that I get nervous each and every time. Why, why do I get nervous when I have done this for so many year? Because I realize that each and every time I am doing something has an impact for eternity. How is that for pressure? Each time I am sharing God's Word and attempting to help people apply it to their lives or convince them to accept it personally and make them realize how relevant it is for today. So I am nervous each time, in fact I have often said that when I stop being nervous is when I need to get out of pastoring, because I will have lost sight of the importance of opening God's Word to impact people's lives.

But this time my nervousness (man that is a weird word to type) is multiplied many times. Tomorrow morning I am speaking/preaching at a college chapel. When I was asked to do this some months ago, I was honored and excited. I am still honored and excited, but now I am really nervous, because I am really old compared to the students. Also, I have no fancy degrees or titles ( I did graduate from college, don't panic.) that will cause the faculty to sit up and take notice. Also, my daughter is a resident director at this college (now you know how I got this gig) and I certainly don't want to embarass her, after all she has 180 some girls in dorm who will be in attendance.

But I am really nervous considering this is just one shot. At my church I get to come back the next week, or that night or midweek and follow up and go deeper. But this is my one shot with these students. Also, this is such a critical time in their lives, even if they don't realize it. They are wrestling with so many things at this point in their life and are on the threshold of going into the rest of the world to work, live and make a difference. Wow, am I nervous!

If you are so inclined I would covet your prayers in this matter. For the rest of today as finish preparing and for tomorrow morning between 10 and 10:50 am. (No I don't get that whole time, we are trying to punish the kids). I am well aware of the cut off time and know that the absolute worst thing I can do is go over the time, being boring is a very close second.

Here's to hoping you realize how important God's Word is and are applying to your life today. Here's hoping a couple of you (that would be 5o% of those who read this) will pray for me between now and the chapel tomorrow. Here's knowing God will do His part.


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