Wednesday, May 09, 2007

She's Gone...Again

No, not my mind, my wife. She was home for 24 hours after our vacation before taking off again. This time she and our oldest daughter are working their way to Georgia to attend the wedding of one of my nephews. I am not going because I am officiating at a wedding myself this weekend. (Why do we use the term "officiating" for the pastor who leads a wedding ceremony? Isn't that projecting some negative image on the new marriage by using a term normally used for those who try to control athletic contests? Just me thinking again, sorry.) She left on Tuesday so they could go spend some time with all the grandchildren, and their parents and they will be stopping to spend a night with my wife's sister as well.

I can only assume that my wife, just spent 7 uninterrupted days alone with me on vacation, needed a break already. Or maybe she knew that with a full schedule of services this week, a church board meeting tonight, a wedding this weekend and the normal stuff I would be less than bubbly this week so she decided to get away.

Whatever the real reason, she is gone again. So I have no one to complain to, not that I do that very often, and a house to myself, boy this house is big.

They took our car so I am driving my daughter's car. There is a big difference, ours is much big outside and especially inside, I keep banging my knee on the steering column. For now the cell phone will have to be my source of communication and my lifeline with my traveling wife.

If you see my wife, tell her I miss her and make sure she doesn't go any further south than the north part of Georgia.


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