Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

As I was typing the headline for this post I thought maybe I should change my monday posts to "Monday's Hangover". But then I realized some of you might get the wrong idea, so I guess we will stick with "Monday Morning Musings" for now. The reason I thought of the phrase Monday's Hangover is that for many pastors Monday morning is a tough time. You are often physically tired from Sunday's events and always emotionally tired. I learned several years ago to not attempt too much that requires complex thinking on Monday mornings. (Not quite sure what that says about writing in a blog.) For me it is a good time to go through attendance stuff, work on some of the upcoming week's schedule, etc... It is not a good time to study or have important meetings. (Of course anyone who has had a Monday morning meeting with me is now trying to figure out what that means for them.)

As for yesterday, it was a very good day. We honored our High School graduates, we had 11 this year. There was a very meaningful time of prayer with the graduates at the altar surrounded by their families. The Spirit was so real during our time of singing and prayer. We had two outstanding special musical numbers, one with choreography (that set off a few pacemakers). There were some who came to the altar following the message. We are in a sermon series on Relationships and Family, I usually do this from Mother's Day to Father's Day each year. Our attendance was good, thanks to a good number of visitors for the graduates.

Then I attended our local High School graduation, the gym was warm so thankfully this was a small graduating class for the school. Then the wife and I went to 2 of our graduates open houses, we had gone to one on Saturday as well. Graduations are always a fun, exciting and encouraging time, at least that is how I view them. The graduate has just finished a long term goal, they are looking forward to the next phase of their life and are excited to be done with high school. Many parents on the other hand seem to view it with great sadness. Frankly I don't understand that view. As parents we are raising our children from birth to be able to make it on their own. So why be sad when they accomplish such a big step in that direction? Oh well, I guess I need to make that the subject of entire post at some point.

Here's hoping you are looking forward to something special this week. If not, then plan something.


At 12:51 PM, Blogger Kin said...

I am looking forward to a lot of good TV with all the season finales happening, I'm looking forward to my fruit & yogurt parfait that I'm saving for this afternoon (yum), I'm looking forward to picking up Brandt after work today, I'm looking forward to coming to see you guys this the way, we're coming to see you guys this weekend :)

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Denny said...

I am looking forward to Brandt's visit this weekend, I mean all of you visiting.


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