Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random Thoughts ...

Maybe this is not true for you, but for me the lighter the color of pants or shirt I am wearing the more likely I am to spill on that article of clothing. Today I am wearing a tan pair of pants and the shirt is dark, I have spilled mustard and coffee on my pants with nary a drop on my shirt. (No the coffee and mustard were not together. The mustard was on a sandwich and the coffee was later in the afternoon.)

Crisis, or is it crises, or maybe crisises,(don't write and tell me I really don't care) never seem to come at a convenient time. Yesterday morning I received a call from our local school telling me of an emergency at the school and that they would be bringing all their students to the church within minutes. Don't panic, we are there emergency location so have arrangements for this sort of thing. It is just that it was a Wednesday, a lot goes on around here on Wednesdays and I had an out of town appointment for the church in the morning and a noon meeting. But I guess if it weren't inconvenient we wouldn't call it a crisis.

Whenever I am at the church alone and need to go to the restroom someone always or the phone always rings. Well, maybe not always, but I am the one whining here so I declare that it is always. (On your blog you can say the way you want to, but on my blog I will exaggerate if I want.)

I imagine that many of you have increased your prayers for my wife after reading my blog, haven't you? I am not offended by that, as a friend recently reminded me I definitely married up. Or I got much better than I deserved. Or I am very fortunate. Or I am a heck of a salesman to convince her to spend her life with me. Personally I like the last statement the best.

I don't think God intended people to eat liver or coconut. (Hey, I told you these are random thoughts, what did you expect?)

I am always amazed at how many excuses we can make for why churches don't grow.

I love my wife!

I am very proud of my kids.

I have awesome grandkids!

I am way to young to have 5 grandkids. Of course I was just a teenager when I got married...

I am a terrible golfer. But I am a generous person and a good steward when I golf. I always leave extra golf balls on the course for other golfers to have when I leave. Of course these are usually out of bounds, in trees or under water. I am a good steward because I swing more often than the good golfers and see more of the course therefore getting more for my money than those who don't swing as often and hit in the fairways.

You shouldn't try to eat cheese after it has an added smell. (Trust me, the salad I made last night just didn't taste right. Maybe that is why I was in the restroom. I should investigate that connection further.)

This post is proof that I should never just get and preach "off the cuff". And all my readers said AMEN!

Here's hoping your random thoughts are not quite as random as mine.


At 7:33 AM, Blogger Rob said...

amen on the phone ringing while you're in the bathroom....happens to me all the time. Even worse is your cell ringing and that inner arguement you have with yourself: "If I answer, will they know I'm talking to them from the throne?!"

Love the random thoughts...they always make me laugh...

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Kin said...

Wow, I'm not even sure what to say here dad! I, too, think that liver & coconut were "accidentals" that happened & were never really meant by God to be created at all. Well, unless we're talking about the coconut that comes on top of the Samoa girl scout cookies...that was no accident, it was a stroke of genius!


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