Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

God is so good! We serve an awesome God who is able to do so much more than we can imagine. Last evening was another of our Summer Sunday Evening Shake-ups. Not a special lemonade drink, but doing things completely different on Sunday Evenings this summer. Last week we had groups out visiting, writing notes of encouragement to people and others praying for all of the groups and those being touched by the ministry. Last night was a Service Project Night. We had 43 people come and serve. Some went to our city park and painted some picnic tables and a restroom to help out the city and those who enjoy the park. Some went downtown (that is not as big as it sounds in our town) and washed all the windows on the business storefronts, at least those who would allow it. Some went around our neighborhood and handed out 90 batteries for people's smoke dectectors just to show we care. There were some who were praying for all the groups and the impact on people's lives. Then some of those who were handing out batteries told me there was an older lady trying to spread mulch in a very large area by herself. So some of us went and finished the project for her in 30 or 40 minutes, it would have taken her all week I believe. She was so excited, she said she couldn't wait to tell her son, that he wouldn't believe it was all done. We did not have a "service" last night, instead we were out serving. How cool is that?

Sunday morning was a good day. Our children did a special song, they always do great and bring a lot of energy. Our worship during singing was very good and there was a very good spirit in the place. People were paying attention and got into the message on expressing appreciation and affection for those with whom we have relationships. The prayer time around the altar was powerful. Our attention was down from recent weeks, but above a year ago.

This week I am preparing the final message in my series on "Learning to have Fantastic Relationships". This message is really the cornerstone of the whole series, it is on commitment. I planned to finish the series with this topic because it falls on Father's Day and men need to be challenged and reminded of our commitment to our spouses, children, families and friendships. If you are inclined to pray for me, this week is one in which I especially covet your prayers. We will also be having our second annual "Manly BBQ" following our morning worship. We be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, have chips and baked beans, there will be no casseroles, no salads and no fufu desserts. We will be having a tug-o-war and a log toss, there will also be a lot of other games around for anyone to play.

Here's hoping you express appreciation to someone this week, especially someone who not get another affirmation. Here's hoping that you look for ways to serve someone this week. Here's hoping that those eat too many of the beans this Sunday are not in front of me during tug-o-war.


At 7:24 AM, Blogger Rob said...

What you did Sunday night...that's church, isn't it?

Love the Manly BBQ....I wanna come up for it!! Great idea!!


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