Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

This Monday morning was different than most, our oldest daughter was visiting this weekend and left this morning. Before she left we went to breakfast, so I came to the office later than normal. I liked it, maybe I need to go out to breakfast every Monday morning. I felt more relaxed when I came in this morning than the normal Monday. It was great to have my daughter here for the weekend, see is off to help her brother counsel at youth camp this week.

Yesterday was a good day. We did a much different order of worship yesterday and I believe it went well. We sang, took offering and then I preached. After I preached we had a special song and then finished with more congregational singing. I had to really adjust to preaching in the middle of the service and give myself a different ending time while leading into the next section of the service. I think I liked it. We had a very spirit in the service. I felt like I didn't really get my point across in the message as well as I desired, not sure why. Our attendance was fair, we had a lot of people out of town. Our "Manly BBQ" went okay, but not great like last year. We will need to do some things different for next year, I have a few ideas. We did have some visitors and at least one of them just because of what we were doing for Father's Day. That was cool, and this person's child was thrilled to have them attend.

Last evening the wife, my daughter and I had a great time, playing games, taking a bike ride and just talking. It was a good Father's Day personally. I spoke with all my children. I talked with my Dad and I had some time to really relax and enjoy the day.

Our church board is studying the book "Purpose Driven Church" and discussing it each board meeting. It is leading to some really good discussions and it is really challenging our leaders. I am loving it.

Here's to having a great week. Here's hoping you will find someone to encourage this week. Here's hoping that you realize that Christ is passionately in love with you.


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