Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

What a great day we enjoyed on Sunday. The weather was beautiful, that often hurts attendance in the summer but we had a very good crowd yesterday. The spirit in the service was good, it was lively and upbeat. A few responded at the close of the message and came to the altar. Sunday evening was our first summer celebration service. Good testimonies, good attendance and people hung out for a long time after the service just talking.

I should have preached my message Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning. I think I was more passionate while typing my blog Saturday evening than I was preaching on Sunday morning. But it wasn't really a feel good message. Still, I was not satisfied with my part Sunday morning.

I loved our time of testimonies Sunday evening. People were sharing some of their fears, and doubts, about some of our recent service and care projects. But they were testifying how in doing the service, or giving the care, they were blessed and saw the blessing it was to others. We even had 2 teenagers share!

This afternoon I am taking a few junior high students to camp. Our campground is 2 hours away and these are junior high students. You don't suppose they will sleep during the trip do you? What was I thinking when I volunteered to do this?

Someone recently gave me 2 Chip Hilton books after reading my post on my parents inspiring me to be a reader and my mom giving away my collection of Chip Hilton books after I got married. It was a really cool gift. They found them on ebay. So I went on ebay and have purchased few more of the series. It has been a fun trip down memory lane. Boy do the pictures on the book jackets look cheesy.

I love my wife, and to quote my good buddy Rob, I way outkicked my coverage in marrying her. She is such a vital part of my ministry. How is that for timing she just IM'ed me reminding me of something I need to get done today.

Here's hoping you have a great week and that you encourage someone today.


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