Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let it Rain ...

That has been a common refrain around these parts for several weeks. You see it has been really dry, yards are now a crispy golden brown. Now that might be fine for fried chicken but not so good for your yard. The only lawns that have any green in them are the ones who have huge water bills from all of the watering they have been doing. The crops in our area are looking wilted and frankly so are many people. So we have been eagerly clinging to any weather report that gives even the slimmest chance for rain. It has seemed that even when the chances are supposed to be high for some relief, the rain just passes us by. But today, is different. Today we have had rain. I mean real, steady rain, that a teasing sprinkle, but a good soaking rain. Everyone is in agreement and we have unison chorus of "let it rain" rising up all around town.

But what about our spiritual condition? Is your relationship with Christ well-watered? Or, is it dry and dusty? Is it growing? Or, is it in desperate need of a cleansing, refreshing shower from the Holy Spirit?

On Sunday morning one of the songs we sang in worship we "Holy Spirit Rain Down". It is a plea for the Lord to send us a refreshing, renewing, cleansing shower of the Holy Spirit. For our refreshing and strengthening. For growth and encouragement. But also for cleansing away anything that is preventing us from doing, and being, all that God has for us.

Now it was obvious that everyone was saying "let it rain" as far receiving moisture from the atmosphere. But shouldn't it be just as obvious that we desire, and are unified in our desire for the cleansing, renewing, refreshing power of the Holy Spirit?

So have you been praying, hoping and watching for the Holy Spirit to rain down? Or, have you been ignoring, or worse yet satisified with, the dry, dusty condition of your relationship with Christ?

Here's hoping you are not just asking for the Holy Spirit to rain down on your heart, but that you are enjoying that refreshing rain of the Holy Spirit in your own life.

Let it rain...


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