Sunday, July 15, 2007

Buying or Renting...

That was part of the title of this morning's sermon. Asking whether you have really committed to Christ or if you are just trying it out. There are many people who have made a decision in favor of Christ but have not committed themselves to Christ. There is a big difference.

This could explain the empty pews in many churches, it could explain the lack of true impact in our society by most Christians, it could explain the large gap between stated belief and the actions of many who claim to be Christ followers. This could explain why so many who claim to be Christians rarely read their Bible, it could explain the real lack of praying by this same group and it could explain why so many pastors and churches are always begging for workers and offerings.

More about this later, but for now, how about you? Are you buying, or trying to rent from God? Are your actions matching what you claim to believe? Are you committed or casual about your relationship with God? How about with your spouse, your family, or your calling in life?


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