Saturday, July 14, 2007

Colors changing ...?

I am not referring to the changing colors of the leaves, that won't happen for 3 or 4 months, but rather the color of my neck. There are many guys around here who joke about being "rednecks", they are simply speaking of driving pickups, wearing hats, hunting and fishing (for the most part). Now I have never been accused of being a "redneck" that I can recall, but that day may be coming soon.

I have always enjoyed fishing, in fact I have written about it on my blog before. I have enjoyed being able to fish with some of my grandkids on vacation the last 3 years. My wife enjoys fishing so it is a great activity for us to do together.

But the last couple of days has me looking in the mirror to see if my neck is changing colors. Yesterday, on my day off, the wife and I spent about 5 hours fishing at a local lake. The weather was beautiful (just like my wife), we had a little picnic and enjoyed catching some fish, none of them really good size, but it was still enjoyable. Then in the late afternoon I went and purchased a shotgun. I went to a hunting store, looked around quite a while, got some advice and bought a used shotgun, case, trigger lock and some shells. Then this morning I participated in trap shoot at our local sportsmen's club. Now, before you jump too far into your assumptions, understand this was the second trap shoot sponsored by the Men's Ministry of our church. I participated in the first one last year, but borrowed a gun just like I did when I went pheasant hunting last December. This time I carried my own newly purchased gun and shells to the range. I proceeded to shoot 3 sessions, or rounds, or trap. I did okay for a novice. I hit 15 and 12 out of 25 from the 16 yard line, and 12 out of 25 from the 20 yard line and enjoyed every minute of it. The other information is that I was wearing a baseball hat the entire time.

So what do you think, is my neck changing colors? I do seem to be blending in more each day around here.


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