Sunday, July 22, 2007

Excited thoughts ...

It is Sunday morning and I am really excited to preach today. I imagine that my outline is going out the window on this one today. When I did my solo practice run (that is preaching to an empty auditorium, not really running) early this morning I couldn't stay with my outline. Just too much passion in the scripture today. For those who don't know me I usually have a fill-in-the-blank outline of my sermon in the bulletin for anyone to use (or make paper airplanes out of, it really is okay if they do that at least they get used) and my outline is projected on a screen for everyone as well. It is the old teacher in me. But every once in a while I chuck it and just preach. Sometimes on a totally different scripture and everything, today will be from the same scripture but I am not worried about an outline, just the message.

Here's hoping that the passion, and excitement, I am sensing at this time will come through when I preach today. Here's hoping that wherever you are your worship will be passionate and exciting today. It is more your choice than the worship leader and pastor's responbility.

Thought for the day: "Our problem is not lthe lack of knowing, it's the lack of doing" (Mark Hatfield)

2nd thought for the day: (Hey it could be a long day!) "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." (John Shedd)

Yea God! Let's go do this!!!


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