Sunday, August 19, 2007

Contradictions ...

Contradiction is an interesting word isn't it? I think it is, there are certain words in the English language that are just interesting by their sound or the way you have to form your mouth to say them. I think that contradiction is one of those words. But it is even more interesting when you consider it's meaning. "A proposition, phrase or statement that asserts or implies both the truth and falsity of something; a situation in which inherent factors, actions or propositions are inconsistent or contrary to one another."

Why bring up contradictions? Because Sunday was a day of contradictions. We had some great stuff happen (I'll post more about that in my Monday Morning Musings.) but there were some undercurrents of not so postive stuff. There was a great spirit in our worship services but there was an obvious spirit of resistance at work as well. By this I mean that there were people who are upset about some stuff that seemed to really be resisting everything that was happening. Maybe I was the only one who noticed, but it really created a battle within me as I worshipped and preached.

It has also really been gnawing at me that so often in the church we claim to desire to see the lost found and saved but are not willing to make ourselves uncomfortable in order to reach them. In other words we are not opposed to the lost being found so long as it doesn't interfere with anything we like in the church. Such as styles, times, and location just name a few. In other words we are a contradiction.

Now I can't find any way to justify this contradiction when I read in the Bible how Jesus went among the lost to reach them. He went on their schedule to their places, at their times in order that they might be found. I mean come on, if they are lost do we really expect them to find themselves and show up at our places all polished up?

Contradictions, there are a lot of them and unfortunately they are alive and well in the church as well.


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