Thursday, September 06, 2007

How do you adjust?

When faced with a change in circumstances, an unexpected change, how do adjust to the changes? This was the dilemma my volleyball team faced last evening, an unexpected change in their circumstances. During the first game of our match, we did not play well and the girls began to hang their heads and lose their enthusiasm. So in order to shake things up I switched our lineup around in the second and third games. Girls were not always playing in their normal positions. Why did I do this? I felt we needed some major shake-ups in order to wake up, fire up and play up to our potential.

At first the girls appeared confused and kept asking what was happening, I kept encouraging and telling to just play the game. They finally begin to play better and adjusted to the new lineups and unusual roles. I learned a lot about my team last night. I learned that I have some girls who want to see the team do well and are willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen. I learned that some girls do not adjust well to sudden changes. I learned that I have to make adjusts on the fly sometimes no matter how we have practiced some things.

So how well do you adjust when your circumstances unexpectedly change. Do you have the attitude that you are willing to do whatever the Lord is asking of you, even if it is not what you planned, to see the Lord's will fulfilled? Or do you require God to check with you before changing things? Are you able to adjust "on the fly", or do you require God to submit his changes to you in writing in advance for your approval? We all face a lot of unexpected changes how we handle them is dependent on our attitude, and on our trust in the one who is directing us to change it up. Do you trust Him?

By the way, we came back and won the match. Enough girls adjusted and hopefully a few more are trusting me and the changes that need to be made.


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