Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Musings ...

Yesterday was another very good day. The spirit in morning worship was outstanding. It was one of those times when no one could deny that God was present and working. (Just a thought, why isn't that the norm?) Our 5th & 6th grade Sunday School class helped me with my sermon by doing a short drama they had created. It went over very well and fit perfectly with the message. Plus, it gets the kids used to being involved and up front. The message went well, in our series on "Bible Stories Retold", I dealt with Daniel and the Lion's Den. The big thought was that "we need to examine our lives and see if there is enough evidence to prove what we claim to believe". In other words, if your life was examined for evidence of being a faithful follower of Christ would there be enough evidence to find you guilty of being faithful. That is what happened to Daniel! Our attendance was good, not great, but it bounced back up almost 50% from Labor Day Sunday. Some recent visitors were back in attendance and we had some brand new visitors, with one of those promising to return.

Sunday evening was another good time together. Our children had a great time and are working on another drama to help me when I preach on David and Goliath later this month. We had strong attendance, some good sharing of testimonies and a very attentive group during the lesson. Then after the service many people hung around and talked for quite a while, that is always a good sign of connections taking place.

Here's hoping you will live so that you will be guilty of your faith this week. Here's hoping you will find someone to encourage this week.

(P.S. - Pro football began this past week and college football really got going. So here's hoping the Michigan and Notre Dame fans have a large supply of Kleenex available. Hey at least one of them will win this week since they play each other.)


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