Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning Musings ...

This is a different Monday Morning Musing because I was not at my church yesterday. However, I was with a group of 35 men from Thursday morning to Sunday evening at our annual men's houseboat retreat (see previous post). The news from church was that we had a surprisingly good attendance given how many of us were gone. I am really pumped about the attendance yesterday. My buddy who did the concert emailed me last night and said his voice was bothering him and he really hoped the Spirit came through anyway. I love his heart and attitude and the fact that he wants to give his best for the Lord. My wife said she thought he sounded good and had a great spirit. He also told a big one on me. I will definitely need to get him back for that one. We had some people back who had miss a lot recently and even had a brand new family attend.

The retreat went well. We had some injury, but not as bad as it could have been. Hey, when you get that much testosterone together something is sure to happen. The weather was good, the only rain came from about 3am to 8am on Friday. I know the the 3am start because I was still up, hey it was not a sleeping retreat. Our times of worship went well and the music and singing really reverberated off the water and rock walls of Lake Cumberland. My sharing went okay. There were some great conversations, great fun, a lot of cards played, some cliffs jumped off of, waves jumped on skis, jet skis, and tubes, very few fish were caught, much food was consumed (it is not a dieting retreat), much laughter and a safe return.

Thanks for your prayers for our retreat.

My youngest grandchild was in the hospital over the weekend with possible seizures. The EEG and MRI all looked good so he is back home, but has an appointment with a neurologist in a week. That left me with some anxious thoughts and much prayer since I was long way from him and no way to get there. My wife went down and spent 2 nights there, in fact did not return home until late morning on Sunday. As a result many people pitched in and picked for those of us who were on the retreat and for my wife who was unexpectedly absent as Church began Sunday morning.

How great to be part of a family (speaking of my church) who care so much and so willingly (at least I think it was willingly) jump in and help out in times of need? It is great.

Here's hoping you get the chance to encourage someone today. It is good to be back.


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