Thursday, September 20, 2007

Separated Again ...

My wife and I are apart once more. No, we are not having problems it just that our schedules of have had us in different places too much recently. Several times our different places have been many, many, many miles apart and has involved a night, or two or three away from each other. This night, and the next two she is about 7 hours away at a women's conference. I am thrilled for her to get to go to this event, honestly I am. The catch is that we have not had much time just for the two of us. Last weekend I was gone, she has been gone a few times recently to help with our kids, grandkids or to check up on our kids and grandkids when they have been in the hospital or going through some medical tests.

I love my wife and I love spending with my wife. We need our times apart and we both encourage each other to have some of those times, but that doesn't mean that I enjoy being apart. My prayer is that she has a great time this weekend and the rest of my prayer is that we can find some time for us very soon.

If I feel this strongly about being apart from my wife for a brief period imagine how Jesus feels when we leave him out of our time. When we get so busy with our own stuff and don't spend time with the Lord, time in private worship, time in public worship, time serving others with the love of Christ, how does He feel?

So how is your time with the Lord? Did you spend time in prayer today? Did you spend time reading God's Word today? How about yesterday? Or, the day before that? Or ... you get the idea. Time with the one you claim to love, that just makes sense doesn't it?

I can't wait until Sunday when I get to see my wife again. In the meantime we will still talk on our cell phones so we will stay in touch, are you in touch with your love?


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