Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Musings ...

My wife and I were at a hospital this morning to be with someone heading into surgery (they came through surgery well) so this is coming in the afternoon. We had an awesome day yesterday! Many in our church served breakfast to all the runners of a road race. This race is in memory of a beloved educator in the community who died suddenly a year and a half ago. The money from the race goes into a college scholarship fund for kids from our local high school. We made and served breakfast for all the runners (after the race) and all the workers. We donated all the food so there was no cost to the race. We also manned a water station on the race course. Much of this took place during our normal Sunday School hour, but who learned more yesterday, those who served or those who sat in a class? I believe that those who served at the race and those who served by teaching classes here learned the most, it was the church being the church. How cool is that?

During worship we had a baby dedication, I love doing baby dedications. It is always special to have a baby deciation during a service, but this one was extra special. This is relatively new family to our church. I have had a few conversations with the mom ( a single parent) in recent weeks about dedication. When she decided to do it I told her that it is a great thing to invite family and friends to attend this special moment. She took it to heart and sent out special invitations to the dedication and worship service as well as dinner afterward. She had 16 or 18 people who do not normally attend show up. That is awesome. They got to witness the dedication, they experienced true worship and heard the Word of the Lord presented. Man I am pumped about this one. My wife and I attended the dinner afterward (hey, free food, and it was very good) and got to have some great conversations with the family and friends. What a great day! (Our attendance was good as well, thanks to the dedication.)

The evening service went very well, our study was dealing being a "missional church and people". We looked at some principles of a missional church and didn't get to finish it, so we will pick it up again next time. Our attendance was great. We had a potluck fellowship after the service and nearly everyone stayed and had a great time of just talking with each other.

Here's hoping you will be encouraged this week. Hint: to be sure to be encouraged look to encourage some other people.


At 7:21 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Skipping Sunday School to serve your community?! I can't believe it!

Seriously, great idea, my friend....far too often we come to church only to be served...and that misses the whole point of church in the first place.

Keep swingin', my friend....


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