Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We are learning ...

Last night my volleyball team had their first match since our meltdown in the last match on Saturday. If you don't remember go back and read my post from Saturday. We won last night, against a conference team, and we showed some toughness. We also showed that we still have a tendency to relax, or check out, or something like that too often. We won in 3 games, we should have finished it off in 2 games, but the second game was when we had our letdown. The good news is that came back and almost won the second game, but the better news is that pulled it together and won the 3rd game going away.

Most of my players have improved immensely since the beginning of the season and some have really stepped up recently. I even saw a couple of leaders beginning to emerge last night. That is something we have been lacking.

I made another technical coaching error last night. I made an illegal substitution which meant that I couldn't bring anyone else back in for that player without suffering a lost point and serve. So she had to stay in, somewhat out of position till that game was over. Did I mention it was during a close game? She actually do okay, no big mistakes and she didn't panic when I told her she had to stay in the game till the end. Did I mention it is my first year coaching volleyball? I am certainly still learning.

We play the best team in our conference tomorrow night, and it is a doubleheader which means we actually play them in back to back matches. This tests stamina, it tests the psyche and there is no time to practice anything that is exposed during the match.

So what have you learned this week? We all should keep learning. We have real life "matches" everyday, we need to keep studying and learning so that we keep improving in our following of Christ. So what do you need to learn this week?


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