Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Just wondering ...

I have just been wondering about a few things...

...why do we always think that we need to justify our actions to people who don't know anything about what they are judging us on?

...how powerful is influence? Such as, how powerful is the influence that a parent has on their child just by what the child sees their parent doing? How much do they learn about how to act in certain situations just by observing how their parent responds to a similar situations?

...why do we say we want to see others come to know Christ and then do almost nothing toward helping that actually become reality? Or why do we get upset at changes in our church that are meant to reach new people for Christ when they mess with the way "we" prefer things to be done?

...what's with "Dancing with the Stars"? Are that many people really interested in how uncoordinated some "used to be" stars are? (How is that for a poorly worded sentence?"

... how do I always notice a gas station with significantly lower prices right after I have just filled up the car?

... why can I not seem to remember the great ideas that come to me when I awaken in the middle of the night? The next morning I always remember that I had a great idea, but I never remember what it was.

... why am I making a post out of just random thoughts?

... why do I get more email in my spam folder than my regular one every day?

... how 'bout those Cubbies?

... aren't you glad you aren't a Notre Dame fan right now? (Sorry Rob and Kristin)

... how can we continually know that we need to correct problems in our life and then continue to not make the changes we know we must make?

... how to end this post, wait I think I have it.


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