Sunday, October 07, 2007

2 Special Girls ...

Today is the celebration of the birth of 2 very special girls, normally known as birthdays. I debated whether to title this post 2 special ladies or 2 special girls. The 2 being described are my wife and my grand daughter. I figured people would be amused at me calling my now 3 year old grand daughter a "lady", but I know that my now ___ year old wife (you didn't really think I was putting that in print did you?) will enjoy being called a "girl". When our grand daughter was born on my wife's birthday one of her first comments (my wife's not my grand daughter) was that from now on this day would focus on our grand daughter and not on her. Nice try, but I am not going to let that happen.

So here is to 2 very special girls and the celebration of their births. To my wife, I love you and as I have already said to you, you just keep getting better. To my grand daughter, I love you and love watching you grow, you keep getting better as well and you have a tremendous heritage.

So here is to birthdays, may they continue to come and may we learn to celebrate what they really mean. That we are really celebrating the pleasure of being able to enjoy the life of those we love. May we continue to remember those we have loved who are no longer here and pass on the beauty of their lives. May we always remember to thank our Lord for our being and our salvation. May we look to love like Christ. May we enjoy the cake and ice cream and not worry about how many candles are covering the cake. May we all wish my wife and grand daughter a very happy birthday.


At 8:07 AM, Blogger morencinaz said...

As we two "girls" are spending some time together this week, we thank you for the comments. I just asked Lauren what she wanted me to write to you, and she said something about a sister----h-m-m, I wonder if T and N are hiding something from us??? Oh wait, I think Elle meant----brother, no wait---mom. She said "Mom is on her way home". Okay, whew.


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