Friday, January 04, 2008

What's it worth?

My buddy Rob had a link in his blog where you can have someone who knows (at least he claims that he knows) what a blog is worth to evaluate your blog. (Boy that was a lousy sentence.) So I clicked on the link and found that the value of my blog was $2,200, or thereabouts (I love that word.). That was considerably less than Rob's, his was somewhere over $6,000 and I was miles away from another friend Derry's, his was around $23,000!

I am not feeling quite inferior, and evidently rightfully so. Then I remembered the old adage that something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. So I smugly thought, let me see Rob or Derry get that much for their blog and I then felt much better. But I really don't believe that old adage, for I really believe that somethings are worth much more than what someone else would pay.

I have books that are worth very little on the open market, but are valuable to me. It might be because who gave me the book, it could be because of who wrote it, it could be because who used to own it, it could be because how the book impacted when I first read it, or a variety of other reasons. I have pictures that no one else care about that very valuable to me, because what the people in the picture mean to me. I have many of things like that, things that others do not value but I value highly. My guess would be that you have some of those as well.

The greatest of these is salvation. There is not price that can be paid for this, because the price has already been paid by Jesus Christ. There is nothing I could give to purchase it, it was offered to me without charge. It became mine when I asked for it, when I believed and when I accepted it. So what is that worth? It is worth everything, literally everything.

How about you, do you have this salvation? Do you remember how much it is truly worth?

P.S. I also have some handwritten notes from my kids and grandkids that worth a lot to me. I have some cards and notes from my wife that mean the world to me. I also have some embarassing pictures of a few people that could be worth a lot at the right time. If you are wondering if you might be in one of them, don't worry I will let you know, at the appropriated time. (Insert wicked laughter here.)


At 8:06 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Great post....and I'm not one of those you have embarassing photos of, am I? (Nervous chuckle..)


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