Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

It was colddd!!! It was in the low single digits in the morning and wasn't a lot warmer by mid-afternoon, I know because I walked the 4 blocks back to church a little after 2pm and it was numbingly cold. Enough of the whining, after all it is mid-January and I am in Michigan, comes with the territory (but it was still cold). Yesterday was a great day with a difficult realization. I will deal with the difficult realization in another post.

Yesterday was great for several reasons. The foremost reason was the moving response at the end of the service as people came forward weeping to be sanctified wholly. They were was a tremendous sense of God's presence and power. There was genuine brokenness. There was great sharing at the altar and true care being given one to another. This was not a brief pause at the altar to feel better, this was seeking all that God has for us. Another reason it was a great was that we kicked off our new discipleship ministry and there were 17 people who began the process. I am really excited about this and praying for a real move of God in this ministry. (Maybe that had something to do with what happened in worship, just a thought.) Another reason it was great was that in spite of the cold we had good attendance. I fully expected to be down, but we were not. Another reason it was great is the relationships that I can see building among many of the people.

Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me that God is up to great things among us. That I need to keep preaching the truth, even painfully at times, let God do his thing.

Here's hoping that you sense God's presence this week and that you see him moving in your community.


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