Saturday, January 19, 2008

How is your service?

Serving is a powerful thing. When we are served, I mean truly served not the "what do you want since it is my job" type service, we are always positively impacted. Conversely, when we are received poor service we are very negatively impacted.

Came across this quote in my research:
"We slept and dreamt that life was joy
We awoke and saw that life was service
We acted and behold ... service was joy"
This quote was on a web site for a Bed and Breakfast Inn. (When I am doing too much of this type of searching it is a sign that I need a few days away.)

So how is your service? Not the service you receive, but rather the service you are giving. We are called to serve. We have the example of Jesus serving.

So how is your service?

Are you serving? If so, how? Is it dutiful, because you are supposed to? Or, is it joyful and purposeful because you desire to do it?

If it is dutiful then the phrase "service was joy" is not something you feel or even recognize. If it is from a desire to service and purposeful then you are moving into the realm of service being a joy.

How is your service?


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