Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

This Monday morning this are very unusual. I awoke to temperatures in the mid-50's and it has already reached 60, on January 8! Around here that is incredibly rare.What is really disconcerting about this temperature is that tomorrow morning my wife and I are flying out to San Diego, California for a pastor's conference and the temperature here is warmer than San Diego. There is just something fundamentally wrong with that fact. I wanted to be able to come back home and brag about how warm the weather was at our conference, instead people will be bragging about warm it was here. We are scheduled to return on Saturday evening, so I am not sure how much blogging will take place this week.

Yesterday was a very good day. The spirit in our services was outstanding. There was a response at the altar following the message, with no invitation. We had a few new people. We had some good testimonies in our evening service. Even with a lot of illness we had 30 more in attendance than on the first Sunday of the previous year. There were many people who commented on what a great day it was at our church.

Of course the real key is what we will do with as we live out this week in our homes, work places, schools and communities.

Here's to warmer weather.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

Thank you for the prayers!


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