Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Sunny Break

I had a wonderful privilege of having a 2 day break in the sun in Florida. Through the generosity of a friend I was able to go to Orlando last week for a couple of days of golf. It was awesome, tiring, fun and remarkably refreshing for something that wore me out.

I flew out at 6 am (after sleeping 2 1/2 hours) Thursday from Detroit, laid over for about 45 minutes in Cleveland (BTW I was not humming "Cleveland Rocks" from my experience) and landed in Orlando about 10:15. After about 45 minutes I got my bags (suitcase and golf clubs) and called for my shuttle. Got to the hotel at 11:30 and was getting on a bus to head to the golf course by noon. This was an outing for the college I went to out of high school, so there were 80 people from all over the U.S. I was in a foursome with my son, a good friend from college and his son. We all get along great and had a blast together. As I was getting on the bus I looked and recognized my brother-in-law. I had no idea he was going on this trip, he was coming from the Kansas City area. We didn't play real well but had a great time with each other and playing such a beautiful course. Then we had a great meal at the course.

Friday morning breakfast was at 6 am and we loaded the buses at 6:45. We played another wonderful course. Unfortunately we played a 2 man best ball format in the morning and while I got to play with my son we didn't not get to be with our friends, the other team was nice but it was not the same. We had fun again and didn't play that terrible for us, but we didn't come close to any prizes. The weather was beautiful. In the afternoon we played a regular 4 man scramble with our friends and played under par, but we were a few strokes from the prizes. The good news is that my friend's son did win the longest drive for those 49 and under, that was pretty cool. After 36 holes, on a great course and some good food we were ready for the day to be done.

Saturday morning the buses didn't leave until 7 am, we got to sleep a few extra minutes. The course was the best of the three. We were to play on our ball all the way through for individual straight scores. That didn't bode well for any of our team, but given the difficulty of the course and playing from the championship tees I was too upset. As we began playing a course official stopped us and told us not look for any golf balls that landed out of bounds. When we asked why he said there were moccasin snakes and not to try to get anything out of the ponds because of the crocidiles (sp?) (or alligators I don't remember which). I don't know if he told all the other golfers or just our group to try and hurry us along. In the afternoon we were back to a regular 4 man scramble unfortunately my son and I both had to leave after 9 holes to catch our flights home. Our team was 2 under after 9 holes which was pretty good.

It was a great time in the sun, with good friends and playing golf in February. It was even worth losing sleep a couple of nights for the enjoyment of a great couple of days.


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