Sunday, March 02, 2008

In Spite Of ...

Sometimes good things happen "in spite of" someone's poor execution. This happened in worship this morning. Some great things happened. These things happened "in spite of" me. That's right, God was gracious and blessed in a powerful way this morning, but it was definitely "in spite of" me and my efforts. I did a poor job in presenting the message, but the Holy Spirit really moved and we had a powerful time of response with several people coming to the altar. The time at the altar was solid, it was not "I want to feel good so I am coming forward". There were many people really wrestling with issues and desiring to settle things and go with God.

This week was terrible for me in my personal Bible reading and God moved "in spite of" me. I was hesitant in my presentation, and worked in people's hearts "in spite of" me.

Maybe this is a living definition of God's grace. That "in spite of" us, God loves us, "in spite of" us God reaches out to us, "in spite of" us God forgiveness and cleanses. I kind of like that definition, "in spite of".

It doesn't take me off the hook. I am broken by my failings and am seeking God in a desperate way.

So, what is God doing your life "in spite of"?


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