Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

Yesterday was a day in which God really worked on me. We had a lot of illness again this week, this cold and flu junk doesn't want to go away around here. We had a 3 week old baby make his first appearance in church yesterday morning, that is always fun. In spite of the illness stuff we had good attendance in the morning, 25 more than a year ago, the evening was a completely different story. We didn't have any technical glitches (see last mondays' post) so that in itself was a blessing. I began a new series of messages entitled "Breakthroughs", this will go unitl just after Easter.

It is about creating an awakening in us for God and the things of God. To create a true hunger for God and make sure that he is the one fulfilling that hunger and not other junk. One of the statements I made to my congregation was that I was going on this journey whether any of them follow or not. I didn't say to be arrogant to emphasize that this is very personal, that God has really been dealing with me in this area. I am very excited, and nervous, to see where God is going to take me, and us, in this journey.

We had a wonderful time of prayer during the service. There were some people who came forward that I had never seen come to the altar to pray before. The altars were completely full I believe. God is doing some very good things among us. Someone from the community came to an event at our church recently and commented to one of my people that our church must be changing. When asked what was meant by that statement, the person said "because who I see attending this church, they would of never felt accepted attending in the past". I love that observation. How cool is that?

Here's hoping you realize how much God loves you and that your hunger for God is increased this week.


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